Change Gmail Name

There are many reasons why you may want to change your Gmail name. Maybe you got married, maybe you previously went by a nickname or maybe you just want to change it for no reason at all.

Whatever the case is, Google does not always make things clear when trying to find out how to perform simple tasks.

Step 1: In order to change your Gmail name, you first have to login to gmail. Once you have done this, go to the settings gear icon.

gmail settings icon

Step 2: Once the drop down menu appears, go down to settings.

Step 3: After you get to the settings page, you need to click on “Accounts and Import”.

accounts and import

Step 4: Now, you are going to look half way through the accounts and import page for a link that says “edit info”. It usually is off to the right side of the screen. Find this link and click it.

edit info in gmail

Step 5: This is your very last step in order to change Gmail name. A new window will appear if you do not have popups blocked, if you do, Gmail will open a new screen. You will type your new Gmail name in the screen and tick the radio button to activate the new name as the name you will be using.

new gmail name

Confirm the change and now all of your emails will be sent using the name you selected.

If you want to revert back to your original Gmail name, follow the same steps and you will have the ability to select the name you previously used. Gmail saves that information for you.

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