Gmail Filters

Gmail filters are a great way to keep your Gmail inbox well organized. The filters Googlemail provides are extremely powerful and fairly easy to set up. Gmail filters can also save you a ton of time by automatically sorting and even deleting emails.

To get started setting up a custom email filter, use your Gmail login to sign in to Google Gmail. Once you are there, look to the top right hand corner of your inbox for the settings icon. It will resemble a gear.

gmail settings icon

Click on the icon to reveal a drop down menu full of options. Look for the menu item that says ‘Settings’ and click it. You will be taken to the settings page with a lot more options.

The next section we are looking for is a tab labeled ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’. Click on this tab.

filters and blocked addresses

Now, in the middle of the page you are going to see a link that says ‘create a new filter’.

create new filter

Once you click on the create a new filter option, a new window will appear with some basic filtering options. They will get more advanced as you move forward.

gmail filters options

Gmail Filters And Options

Now that you are at the filter options window you are going to notice 8 different basic options to filter your Gmail inbox by. These are the most basic filters available and for most people they will work for just about everything a person needs to filter emails by.


This is simply who you want to filter the email from. You can add multiple values in here separated by a comma. Any email matching the address you provide will be filtered.


This works just like the from option, except it filters who the email is being sent to.


The subject line matches full or partial text. Any text matches will be filtered.

Has The Words

Has the words will scan your email and look for matches. An example would be if you wanted to sort any emails with the word “Facebook”, you could do so.

Doesn’t Have

Same as has the words, only filters emails that does not have the words you type in.

Has Attachment

Has attachment will sort based on if the email has an attachment or not.

Don’t Include Charts

If you wish not to include charts into the attachment filtering, check this option.


You can select to filter based on the size of the attachment if you have checked the has attachment option.

Choose What To Do With Filtered Emails

Now that you have set up some search criteria, in the lower right hand corner of the filter window, click ‘Create filter with this search. This is where Gmail will help you determine what to do with filtered emails. This option will bring up a new window and dictate what you want to do with the emails you filter.

gmail filter behaviour to determine where filtered emails go

This window is very basic to use with a few advanced features. You can skip the inbox and archive the results if you choose. You can mark emails as read, star them and if you have set up Gmail labels you can automatically label your results.

Have unwanted emails? You can choose to delete them or mark them as spam through the filter. You can also put them into a category if you wish. Just tick the checkbox you wish and will do the rest. Multiple selections are allowed in the Gmail filter.

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