Secret Gmail Hacks, Tips And Tricks You Probably Did Not Know.

Gmail evolves all the time. There are so many changes every year to Gmail that you probably are not aware of. These tips, tricks and hacks will most definitely make your life easier.

Reschedule Gmail Messages

Reschedule messages ahead of time – up to 10 free per month! Undo sent messages – within a period of a few seconds. Yes, Gmail can do this for you!  Gmail is a wonderful tool for more than just emailing or storing your photos. Read on for the scoop on features available that you didn’t even realize Gmail could do for you. Some of these features aren’t readily known and are kind of “hidden”, and others have been built-in after the fact by third party developers.  Remember that if you access those apps that those “parties” will have access to all of your email content, and possibly other so-called private information. If you’re okay with that, then by all means, access and use those apps as they can be pretty awesome.

Schedule Messages using Or Boomerang

You can schedule messages to read or even send at a later date. If there’s a better time to catch someone with an email but you know you won’t be around to push the send button. The app that is easily installed is Right Inbox. Another app called

Boomerang is also available.

Both help you to send emails at a later date. You can even schedule a better time to read your emails. Might seem silly, but this is called time management and in the long run really helps you to prioritize and do what’s most important now, but not let anything fall through the cracks! Use a browser extension such as Right Inbox or Boomerang to do it for you. Both services let you send up to 10 pre-scheduled messages per month for free, or an unlimited amount starting at $5 a month.

Gmail Snooze

Gmail Snooze is a great little tool to schedule your emails to jump back to the top of your inbox at a better date and time for you. Gmail snooze is kind of like a “reminder” on an alarm clock… just snoozes longer than the usual 10 minutes!


Send template type responses. Another great time management feature! Brought to you through Gmail Labs.

Gmail Can Track readers

Wanna track who has read your emails, and who hasn’t?  Bananatag, Sidekick and Intelliverse are Chrome extensions that track your readers. They even tell you how many times a particular email has been opened, where the person was at the time it was opened, and from what type of device! A limited amount of emails are free.

Blow Up Your Emails

Delicious is a link-sharing platform. Dmail is a Chrome extension that makes your messages “self-destruct”.

Gmail Undo Send

This is a function similar to “recall message” in Outlook.  It allows you to cancel an email you just sent.  You will have a predetermined amount of time to recall or “Undo Send” your sent email. There’s nothing worse than sending an email and immediately realizing that it had a typo in it or you sent it to the wrong person. Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid that shame. Gmail has a “lab” that gives you a few seconds between the moment you hit the send button and the moment it actually sends and allows you to stop an email from sending. All you have to do is click on the gear icon in your inbox, then hit “settings.” Once you’re there, go to “labs.” If you scroll down, you’ll find the lab called “undo send.” Click “enable,” then scroll down and hit “save changes.”

Remember The Milk

Similar to Outlook’s “task list”, Gmail has a to-do list that will show on the right side of your inbox for Chrome and Firefox browsers. “Remember The Milk” is a checklist that can turn messages into tasks, and will even connect Google Calendars and contacts, assigns tasks to others, and even gives your updates! Also, there is a mobile version to take along and access on the go!

Gmail Can Help You Schedule Appointments

Schedule appointments with Gmail Labs. It will integrate your Google Calendar and view in your inbox for easy scheduling. Yes, Gmail can do this for you!

View your Gmail Accounts all in One View

Gmail Offline

Working offline might sound kind of strange… but it’s a Google app called Gmail Offline, which allows you to read and reply without being online with an Internet connection, until you want to actually reconnect.  Your emails will just wait to go until you’re ready!

Checker Plus is a feature that will show you how many emails are in your inbox without keeping a browser open, or switching back and forth with windows. Replying is easy and Gmail will do this for you through pop ups!

There is a paid-service called AwayFind in which Gmail can do this for you when you have messages in your inbox from a certain person or company. You will receive a text.

Inbox is new for Gmail. There are options for “Snooze”, a task list and a nice layout for contact photos and great message previews.

Periods In Gmail Email Address

The periods in your Gmail email address don’t matter. For example, you can use, or and it is the same thing. The email is the same and will be sent to that same person. In other words, the periods are totally unimportant and no need to use them.

Here’s a great feature to find out if a company or someone else has spread your Gmail email address.  Just add a “+” sign and whatever words make sense into your Gmail email address. For example, if you sign up to an online merchant and your email address is, you can change your email address to to sign up at their site. Your emails will still go through and arrive in your inbox but you will be able to sort more easily. But this is the best part, if you get emails from other sites referencing your email with the “+onlineshopping” or whatever words you choose to add to your email address, you will immediately realize that company had given out your email address.

Desktop Notifications

Gmail can do this for you! With Gmail you can get desktop email notifications. Gmail will pop up with little notifications on your desktop when you get an email. You can set it to notify you when you get any email, or just when you get emails that are labeled “important.”  Click the gear icon in your inbox, go to Settings, and scroll down to Desktop Notifications.

Delete Your Inbox

Did you know Gmail can do this for you? Delete the entire contents of your inbox.  When you are in your inbox you will see the number of emails you’re viewing. It might say something like “1-20”, or “1-2,500”, etc.  Click on that wording to “show more messages.”  Then click the checkbox on the top left and select “All”. Gmail will ask if you really meant to select all of the messages in your inbox. Answer Yes. After you’ve chosen all of your messages, just click the trashcan and you will have deleted all of your messages and have a completely clean inbox!

The “Star”

Using the star or other symbols to prioritize and organize your inbox is a great feature of Gmail! Click the gear symbol, go to “general,” and scroll down to “stars”.  You will see that there are different colored stars and symbols. Choose which you would like to use, one or two, or even all of them!  Save your changes. You can also move the stars around in whatever order you like. So kind of like if pink is your favorite color, you can use all pink, or you can use different colors for different prioritizing or whatever. Yes, Gmail can do this for you!

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