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GoDaddy email provides users with the ability to send and receive email from the domain of their own choice. Unlike Gmail or other free email providers where you are stuck with the extension to your account, GoDaddy users with a domain can actually have an email address at their domain. This looks much more professional when sending and receiving emails to customers or clients.

Different GoDaddy Email Plans

At the moment, GoDaddy workspace email offers 4 different plans for their customers. These plans are designed for your average user all the way up to a corporate level. Each plan comes with different options.

Email Essentials

Email essentials is the most basic plan offered. You get a professional email that uses your domain and 5 gb if internal storage space.

Email Plus

Email plus is the next level above email essentials. You get the same professional email with 50 gb of storage space.

Business Premium

The business premium plan offers everything the other 2 plans offer but there are some additional perks. Along with the 50 gb of email storage you also receive 1 tb of online storage. This service also includes DocuSign capabilities and is HiPAA eligible.

Premium Security

Premium security offers the exact same features as all other plans but with added security and archiving. These features work great with businesses wanting to send and store secure emails with an extra layer of security.

Additional Custom Email Options

GoDaddy also has custom options when you order. After you add the email plan to your cart, upon checkout there will be a few different additional options you can add to your plan for additional cost.

Using Your Workspace Webmail To Login

Once you set up your GoDaddy workspce webmail, you obviously are going to want to use it. There are a few different ways to login to your email to check messages. The first way to use your GoDaddyEmailLogin is to go to the workspace webmail page. You will need to enter the username at your domain and password that you chose. So for example if you chose the domain for example and you chose jim as your email address, your username would be

Obviously no one can register that domain, it was for example purposes only.



Another method to use your GoDaddy workspace email login is to navigate with your browser to, replacing with your actual domain of course. Here you will be presented with a email login screen as well.

This information was sourced from: in which you can read further about advanced GoDaddy email options.


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