Archived Email In Your Gmail Account

The Gmail archive can be a bit confusing to some people. In both the Gmail app as well as using the browser interface, there is an option to archive your emails.

Archiving in Gmail, however, is not a delete utility. There is no known folder and no reference to the emails you archive. So where do they go?

How To Recover Archived Emails From Gmail

There are a few different ways you can view your archived email.

The first method to locate archived emails is to use the search bar. This is only really useful if you know which email it is you are looking for.

You can type in a few keywords and a list of emails matching that criteria will appear.

The 2nd method is to go to “all mail”.

Gmail, all mail.

Click on the all mail section and all of your emails will be displayed. Even emails that have once been archived.

Overall the Gmail archive system is a bit strange. The archived emails are basically just hidden from your folders. They are still there though. The same process works in the Gmail mobile app.

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